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Multitone launches @ppear™, a BlackBerry 10 app for real-time secure communications

June 2013

App allows organisations to fully utilise BlackBerry deployment for rapid and secure streaming of voice and information.

Multitone, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communication systems, has launched @ppear™ a BlackBerry® 10 app that delivers real-time secure communications, 24/7. The new app allows BlackBerry smartphone customers to share information using a separate secure server system. It also provides full security not only in the communications channels, but also in the storage of any sensitive data on the smartphone itself, as well as the server, and offers a definitive audit trail.

Andrew Jones, Director of Marketing at Multitone commented, “The @ppear™ app maximises the use of an existing BlackBerry investment and seamlessly integrates with the new BlackBerry 10 platform, enhancing the communication capabilities for customers. Data is held within a profile that is unique to the user and on a secure server, so access to data is restricted, maintaining the strictest security. Data is stored onto a closed user group to ensure that only staff have access to the information they are authorised to see, whilst still providing access in an easy and rapid manner.”

“Multitone @appear™ is valuable for organisations that want an additional layer of security for communications. We are very pleased to welcome @ppear to the BlackBerry 10 platform,” commented David J. Smith, EVP, Enterprise Mobile Computing at BlackBerry.

Multitone’s @ppear™ was developed with the myriad of different modern communications platforms, and the diverse environments in which they operate, firmly in mind. Organisations can be sure that whatever communications platforms are in use, Multitone’s range of products can route messages to the most appropriate channel of communication. @ppear™ provides support for voice, messages and images, which can be combined to offer the most relevant and helpful information. Additionally, @ppear™ provides automatic proof of delivery (even if the recipient does not use the same application, by using Multitone’s i-Message™ application) with indicators showing the message is sent, received, opened and acknowledged.

Featuring an intuitive design, @ppear™ uses an uncluttered, icon-driven interface which has speed and efficiency at the heart of its operation. Process driven shortcuts (which can be developed as bespoke for an organisation), and single button press messages are designed to make communications as simple and effective a user experience as possible, which is essential in any critical environment.

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