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Multitone i-Message element

Multitone i-Message is a complete communications solution allowing you to message and talk to colleagues by the method that best suits your staff.

i-Message integration with PMR

i-Message in industries  |  i-Message with technologies

As part of the overall communication toolbox, PMR can ensure that all of your staff, who as part of their job function, need to move around the workplace on a regular basis can always be in contact immediately even when they are not at their dedicated work station. Investing in Private Mobile Radio gives your staff the freedom to move around the work premises whilst remaining contactable.

PMR radio whether analogue, digital or TETRA can be integrated into the i-Message system, enabling communication to be sent and received by a variety of devices and systems. Push-to-talk can be used to send live speech to a number of users, whether using DECT, WiFi or any other voice enabled device. Messages can also be sent and received from operators using live boards, enabling staff co-ordination and task management, increasing efficiencies within the business.

Alarms and machines can be centralised with integration into the i-Message system, alerting PMR users should a system fail, ensuring processes are maintained and issues are resolved efficiently should they occur.

Interfacing to PMR allows workers to be contacted with full traceability. The audit trail enables management to review and analyse past communications should an incident occur.

For businesses looking to make a gradual move to new technologies, such as smart applications, i-Message is ideal, integrating all technologies and devices as new solutions are implemented when budget or strategy allows.