Multitone at BAPCO 2016

Using innovative technology designed to give you the information you need, isn’t just saved for fictional characters.  Multitone have been working with the Emergency Services for many years and are continually reviewing how delivering and sharing information at the station end can be improved and enhanced in line with the station end requirements.

At stand A2 at BAPCO we will not just have demonstrations of our existing equipment, we can chat to you about the mobile application we are also creating.

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Our FireCoder

FireCoder is a robust communication system designed for the Fire and Rescue Services. Ultimately, FireCoder alerts the correct teams, delivers the necessary information based on the emergency and ensures that all internal functions and housekeeping requirements are completed, allowing fire teams to focus on getting to the emergency safely and efficiently.

FireCoder Brochure.pdf

FireCoder Brochure

i-Console and CrewView

To improve the visibility of information in and around the fire station we have developed software to monitor the status of the fire station, along with its services, ie doors, lights and Crew View which at a single glance can give important information about a call out, i.e. location and or which vehicles are being used.  By making this information very visual and easy to understand, time is saved when it is most crucial.  Both of these ancillary options can be made to meet the differing needs of each fire station.

For more information, email us at

iConsole EB28_10_15.pdf

i-Console Brochure


CrewView Brochure