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Innovation by Design

23rd March, 2015

In times of reduced budgets and required increased productivity, using technology to streamline processes is a positive way of controlling numerous differing systems and functions. Our level of innovation was demonstrated in our most recent successful tender submissions for two hospitals. Both Trusts are complex organisations with multiple sites and needed a comprehensive communication system that provided coordination from one central area of control.

By reviewing the current and potential needs of both Trusts, we put together a cohesive communications plan that combined not just the voice and messaging processes, but included an integrated task management system with alarm and controls.

Assessing how differing technologies can integrate with each other, and what the benefits are, was the premise on which we based our submissions. Whilst developing the solution we were aware that creating a communications infrastructure can be a costly experience, so it was important for us to demonstrate that whilst we would be introducing some new technology we would also be looking at maximising the existing equipment where possible.

Being able to combine the new technology with existing functionality was important for both

organisations. Any integrated products still needed to work the way the staff expected, so as a team we ensured there was backwards compatibility on existing Windows and Blackberry platforms.

The essence of the communication strategy was to enable efficiencies for all staff. Overlaying a lot of the integration is a new task management system which ensures all routine tasks are completed and reminders sent to the most appropriate and available personnel for completion.

Improvement in efficiencies can be found:

All of the above smoothes the overall experience for patients and staff. Routine tasks are coordinated and scheduled, no time is wasted waiting for information or chasing staff or files.Team and resource availability is understood and getting the right message to the right person at the right time is a constant.

All of the above was designed to make the most of the existing resources available. By giving them a level of integration and automatic resilience both facilities can be certain that there technology is working for them.

Multitone is confident that it can deliver these ambitious ideals as much of the work mirrors our existing capabilities in the Fire and Emergency Services. Within this market we link all of the building management systems with external command and control systems and this is linked to a variety of communication devices for internal and external staff. Rallying teams with the correct equipment and expertise for an emergency needs to be completed in minutes; so using Multitone equipment that ensures all activity to assist the Emergency Services teams is completed in the shortest possible time with resilience and an audit trail for management information.

Our team of engineers have a received a number of accolades from customers at the end of a complicated installation. Working with our customers and completing tasks with the minimal amount of disruption to their facility is always viewed as an important factor.

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Innovation by Design