“A secure and resilient media-rich messaging application for the mobile platform.”

Appear is Multitone’s messaging application, created to allow users to communicate with each other with the utmost security.

Users of Appear can send messages using a combination of voice, images and text to create information that gives all the details you need to make your messages complete and understood.

To make sure that the content of your messages are always kept secure, Appear users are sandboxed and kept separate from any other contacts contained within your mobile phone. As an extra level of security all messages are encrypted.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure communication with all data held within the application and on the secure server, so should the phone be lost or stolen, secure information can be deleted
  • Communicate with a variety of devices - using Multitone i-Message, users are able to send and receive messages from a variety of devices, including pagers, email, DECT handsets and more.
  • A full audit trail - Multitone i-Message stores all messages sent and received for later reviewing
  • Media rich options with the ability to send not only messages, but voice and images
  • Confidence the message has been received - Appear notifies you that the message has been received and retries if a failure occurs
  • Transparency across your organisation - with the ability to set a status, users can see at a glance who is available to assist and who is busy
  • Group and multi-user messages - Appear provides the option to send a message to an entire team or department, enabling quick communication within the business
  • Closed group community - only users within the server are available to contact, creating a productive environment for business communication