Application Interfaces: Two Way Radios

This module allows integration with Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital Mobile Radio (DMS) systems enabling free format message from the Multitone i-Message SCU or Multitone @ppear to be sent to Kenwood DMR Portable Radios.  As with the analogue interface, this is a two-way protocol and supports manual acknowledgement with a pre-stored, pre-selectable messages, such as: Accepted, Start and Completed.  


Digital & FM Mobile Radios

  • Kenwood NEXEDGE NX700/NX800 VHF/UHF Digital &FM Mobile Radios
  • Kenwood NEXEDGE NX720/NX820 VHF/UHF Digital &FM Mobile Radios

 Digital & Analog Portable Radio

  • NX-210 NEXEDGE VHF Digital & Analog Portable Radio
  • NX-220E/320E NEXEDGE VHF/UHF Digital & FM Portable Radios
  • NX-200G/300G NEXEDGE VHF/UHF Digital & Analogue Portable Radio
Digital Radio Interface