Multitone’s SoftLink product is an easy to use graphical interface designed to message teams or individuals at the touch of a button. The design and layout of the icon driven screen can be created to meet the very specific needs of any veterinary practice. The messages can be preformatted to your requirements, can be free-form text or a mixture of the two, all of this messaging can be done without having to search through a series of telephone directories or e-mail addresses, making sending messages a lot quicker and simpler. With up to 24 icons on anyone screen there is lots of scope for messaging. Different screens can be created for different departments, ie your veterinary receptionist may need a series of differing contacts and messages to your radiology team. With SoftLink we can create anything you need to work the way in which you want to. Not all communication needs to be part of a dialogue, many messages can just be instructions or basic information for a colleague, SoftLink uses animated icons so that the originator is aware that the message has been sent.

As well as messaging, SoftLink can also provide instant control at your fingertips, such as open a door from a security desk or reception area, or turn on lights, ect.

Bringing in a new style of communication is never easy, as we can all be resistant to change in the workplace. However SoftLink is so simple and easy to use that staff can learn it in seconds, making the adoption of a new way to message quick, easy and simple. The ultimate benefit of this is to make the communication around your clinic more practical and therefore effective.