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New video demonstrates the benefits of the i-Message system

Multitone, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communication systems, has launched a video presentation on its flagship i-Message critical communications system. The overview presentation is available to watch on YouTube and shows how i-Message can be used to provide vital communications that use the most convenient and reliable way to reach staff – be it through mobile devices and smartphones, landlines, pagers or DECT phones. By utilising i-Message customer’s have a platform that allows them to continually innovate and adapt their communication strategy in line with evolving technologies, business processes and budgets.

Andrew Jones, Director of Marketing at Multitone commented, “The new video is designed to explain and demonstrate the benefits and real-world applications that i-Message can provide, within 4 minutes. We appreciate that we are living in an age where everyone is bombarded by huge amounts of information so we wanted to give a concise and easy-to-follow demonstration of the product and what it can actually do. Put simply, Multitone i-Message fully consolidates existing communications and data systems to offer a highly intuitive, flexible, cost-effective and infinitely upgradable connectivity solution. It grants users access to a greater control over the functionality of communications systems, with high visibility and clarity of use - which are essential for auditing purposes.”

With an enviable reputation and history in working with critical communications, Multitone has developed Multitone i-Message with usability and reliability firmly in mind, as the Director of Marketing, Andrew Jones, adds, “Multitone is an important pioneer of robust communications systems, and has been a stalwart of healthcare communications for decades. We have a vast, detailed knowledge and expertise in the requirements and environments involved in critical communications. With such a wide range of mobile and fixed communications choices available today, Multitone i-Message gives organisations the power to easily and reliably contact individuals in a specific, targeted and highly personalised way with traceability and acknowledgement.”

Multitone i-Message offers greater visibility of communications with features such as  users are fully aware of the status of a message - for example, that it has been delivered and acknowledged or are escalated where responses are not received.

The integration of numerous disparate systems onto one flexible robust platform creates a community of users who are able to work in a more collaborative manner and reap the benefits associated with putting patients at the centre of their care.