“Multitone is the perfect communications partner, offering us its considerable expertise, support and technical know-how to ensure we implement exactly the solutions that fit our requirements, however they evolve.” – Samatha Harrington-Smith, Rooms Division Manager, Tylney Hall

Tylney Hall is a luxury four-start hotel with gardens and a golf-course near the village of Rotherwick in Hampshire. The hall was first built in 1700 and became a hotel and restaurant after a substantial refurbishment in 1985. The hotel attracts guests from all over the world for fine-dining and opulent surroundings, as well as corporate hospitality and private functions.

The Need

Spread over 66 acres of historic gardens and parkland, Tylney Hall has substantial grounds and the dispersed nature of the hotel complex means the staff need reliable and simple-to-use communications. This is particularly important for the non-food & beverage staff (those that tend to work away from the kitchens, bars and dining areas –such as the admin/reservations team or laundry and service departments) who would traditionally have been more difficult to contact rapidly.

Samantha Harrington-Smith, Rooms Division Manager at Tylney Hall explained, “We have a busy and fast-moving environment, with staff often dispersed around the hotel building and grounds. Keeping in touch with staff and summoning them when needed is vital, but can be a challenge. We need a communications system which is easy to use, reliable and rapid – because the needs of our guests are paramount.”

Excellent everyday communications are essential at Tylney Hall and are central to the effective co-ordination of the staff, which is at the heart of running excellent customer service. It is also an important facet for security and safety. For example, the hotel uses an automated fire alarm system which requires immediate assistance from the on-duty staff, so an effective communications system needs to be in place to ensure evacuation and co-ordination of staff and the guests in the event of an emergency.  

The Solution

Having successfully used its products and services for a number of years previously, Tylney Hall turned to critical communications specialist Multitone Electronics for a highly reliable, practical and cost-effective solution.  

Clark Peacock, Major Account Manager at Multitone commented, “Tylney Hall has a hard-working team which needs the right communications solution to ensure guests fully enjoy their visit. Having thoroughly investigated the options with the service team at the hotel, it was agreed that a paging system would be the best fit for the needs of operations.”

Clark added, “Whilst on the face of it, pagers may not seem to be the most cutting-edge communications device, they perfectly fit the needs of the hotel team. They run on their own network of transmitters, so there is no reliance on public mobile networks and thus the hotel has complete control over the service levels, with excellent coverage over what is a somewhat remote and rural location. At the same time, pagers are discreet enough not to disturb guests, whilst instantly alerting the staff member that they are needed. They are also very flexible, with the hotel team being able to decide exactly how messages should be administered.”  

Multitone has supplied Tylney Hall with display pagers. Samantha commented, “The administration team keeps 30 in circulation amongst the staff and we have about 35 in reserve in case replacements are required due to damage or servicing needs. We decided pagers were the ideal solution, having used an earlier version before which worked very well. They are simple to use and very reliable for our needs.”

Typically the Duty Manager carries the number one pager and the whole system is administered through a central portal at the Reception Desk. This allows the Reception team, who are the first to be aware of any needs/issues, to type messages on a keyboard to summon the appropriate staff.

With a wealth of critical and emergency communications expertise and experience, Multitone’s paging system is also linked to the hotel’s fire detection system and will automatically alert the pagers of any problems. In conjunction with the pagers, the hotel’s administration team also carries radios, which can be used to instantly communicate and relay instructions or needs to the appropriate team members. Like the pagers, these are administered and charged in the reception area to keep the communications centralised.

The Benefits

The advantages of using a modern paging system are very apparent, as Samantha commented, “Without the use of this system we would actually have to send an individual to find the appropriate team member or pass on a message, wherever they were in the complex.  This naturally wastes valuable time.”

Samantha added, “We also needed a communications solution that will sync automatically with our fire detection system. In the event of the alarm being triggered, initially a distinct alert is sent to all the pagers rather than ringing the alarms throughout the complex. This allows the whole team to discreetly take suitable action and be alerted as to whether it is a real emergency or something like the sauna door being left open, which still needs to be investigated and resolved.”

The hotel’s sophisticated fire detection system still needs a human element to investigate any alerts, so the paging system is ideal in co-ordinating the housekeeping team, as well as ensuring the General Manager is aware of the situation. The fire detection system panel is also located by the Reception Desk, so the whole team can be instantly paged once the incident has been thoroughly investigated – and instructed to action the emergency evacuation plan if needed. In the case of a false alarm, guests aren’t disturbed and the staff will only interrupt if it is absolutely necessary.

The pagers have a sizeable reception coverage area, so staff can be reliably contacted whenever needed, right across the site and surrounding grounds. This has been proven in an unexpected way, as Samantha explained, “One staff member had to travel into the local village on an errand and mistakenly took their pager with them. They still received alerts whilst they were off site, so we are very confident in the impressive coverage radius!”


The Multitone paging system has provided the team at Tylney Hall with the solution it needs. Samantha commented, “We have trialled other solutions, such as two-way pagers, but they proved to be unsuitable for our requirements at the moment. We may at some point introduce DECT phones to our communications mix for added flexibility, but this would be if our requirements evolve further. The Multitone solution works perfectly with our other fire detection and communications systems, discreetly but effectively helping our team to deal with the day-to-day as well as emergency events at Tylney Hall.”

Samantha concluded, “Multitone, offers us its considerable expertise, support and technical know-how to ensure we implement exactly the solutions that fit our requirements, however they evolve. I would recommend Multitone as a provider or excellent communications solutions which can be tailored to any specific needs.”