Centralised Alarms

Real-time secure communications

Businesses often ask, how do you monitor the plethora of building management systems, from critical equipment, to manufacturing lines, to that of a simple doorbell? With limited staff and multiple systems that can be activated, you need to simplify your communications through a single interface to all of the different alarm applications.

But how do you ensure these messages get sent to the right person at the right time and are then actioned correctly?

The Multitone solution allows you to plan and target your communications to the right individuals and teams, without the worry of how the connection is made. It integrates disparate business critical systems for complete, accurate and up to the moment situational awareness, including:

  • Fridge and freezer sensors
  • Door access monitoring
  • Detection systems, fire, CCTV and security
  • Heating and air conditioning control
  • Manufacturing sensors
  • Lighting control
  • Automated robotics
  • Unauthorised access alarms
  • Staff safety messages

This provides your staff with a cost effective, state of the art solution for alarm management, which gives instant alarm notification, records user response and displays the overall status of all your monitored systems and services.

To find out more information why not download the Centralised Alarms Solution Brochure.

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The key features

Automated Alerts

Automate alert and alarm delivery to first responders with a full, real-time operational overview.

Compliant & Compatible

UK Home Office approved routing protocol designed for emergency services, providing multiple layers of resilience.

Intelligent Message Delivery

Target the individual and not the device for intelligent message delivery.

End to End Encryption

The solution offers complete scalable, secure, encrypted and monitored messaging, designed to operate behind any network.

Broadcast Messages

Able to broadcast messages to communications devices, including desktop alerts. 

Fully Auditable

The solution will log alarms and the response, with date stamps and user identification: ideal if there is a need to periodically review processes and improve the alarm rules.

Download the Multitone Centralised Alarms Solution Brochure

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