Exciting news! Multitone will be exhibiting at NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019


Multitone Showcasing the Latest in Asset Management Tracking and Secure Media-Rich Messaging at Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019.

Multitone is very excited to announce we will be appearing at NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019, which is being held at Manchester Central on 4th and 5th September 2019.

Multitone will be appearing on Stand 215 as part of the exclusive Technology Cluster at the event (which features a number of key NHS technology suppliers, including the likes of IBM, Microsoft and HP), where we will be unveiling our powerful new Asset Management system, as well as showcasing our Spectralink Versity with Appear solution, which features the new version of our Appear  messaging application.

The event presents the latest and best solutions that support this most unique and celebrated healthcare organisation, its patients and dedicated expert staff. With a long history of working in close collaboration with the NHS, Multitone’s communications expertise will be highlighted through both our Asset Management and secure messaging  being showcased at the event.

Integrated Asset Management

Undoubtedly tracking assets is one of the most critical aspects of any hospital administration. Knowing the location, occupation status and condition of hospital equipment is a colossal yet essential task. Multitone’s new Asset Management tracking solution uses a combination of barcodes and RFID tags situated on hospital equipment to solve these important issues.

The RFID tag is automatically scanned by special readers at the thresholds between wards, with the asset’s unique identifier and new location instantaneously uploaded to a central database. The bar-codes are scanned by staff with readers on their smartphones or via static ward-based barcode readers. Staff then use software to identify the bed, and then update whether this specific bed is occupied or not, and if it requires cleaning (and what level of cleaning), servicing or repairing.

The cleaning, servicing and repair needs are automatically alerted to the correct team members, with the required tasks details included. Once complete, these teams use the management system to identify the asset and add its new status – cleaned, serviced or repaired. The result is that the hospital holds up-to-date information about the location and status of each tagged asset, together with constant data about when it was bought, its medical, mechanical and hydraulic profile and its cleaning, servicing and repair history.

Spectralink Versity with Appear

Also featuring on the Multitone stand will be a demonstration of the newly updated powerful Appear communications application, presented in partnership with Spectralink’s market leading Versity handset, which offers the ultimate hybrid communications solution for the NHS.

With security and flexibility of communications firmly in mind, Spectralink Versity with Appear provides a highly reliable and secure messaging application and handset combination that stores all messages onsite. Vitally, it provides automatic transition between Wi-Fi and mobile networks as staff move around the site. This ensures the highest levels of coverage and avoids constant logging in and out, with the potential disruption to communications this entails.

This solution is perfect for NHS users and includes: end to end encryption, media-rich messaging, proof of delivery, secure group chat and messaging, privacy of contact (contact details are hidden, phone numbers and email addresses can be used but not seen) and priority override (where priority messages can override Silent or Do Not Disturb settings in an emergency).

New Appear communications application

As well as operating on the Versity handsets, the latest version of Appear is also available for suitable Android and IoS platform devices. Our team on Stand 215 will be demonstrating the latest redesign of the Appear app, which has been updated to specifically focus on creating an even better experience through the new User Interface – perfectly matching the ever-expanding communications requirements of NHS teams.

Come and visit us 

If you are attending the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019 in Manchester this September be sure to visit the Multitone stand. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts will be on hand to show you how our communications technology can help your healthcare teams work more efficiently and easily to ensure the highest levels of patient care.


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