Helping Pagers Deal with a Challenging Life

Pagers have a tough life. Like most mobile devices, they spend a lot of time being carried around as a faithful, robust and vital tool for those working in the healthcare and emergency services. When these devices become damaged or inoperable and need to be fixed, Multitone has a dedicated Repair Centre waiting to return them to service.

A sorry state
We receive devices in all states, from minor problems to serious damage. Perhaps because they are a work device (rather than personal property) pagers can be treated with less care than a smartphone. Undoubtedly the stressful challenges faced by professional users do not help either.

Pagers get dropped in everything! Our department has investigated and repaired devices containing sand and even one covered in fluids following a birth! But more common incidences involve immersion in coffee or dropped down the toilet.

More specific contaminations include coal dust used at a power station and residue dust from plasterboard production. The latter is especially problematic when it gets wet and turns to plaster inside the device!

Multitone top 6 fixes

  1. Case
  2. Display
  3. Component
  4. Reprogramming
  5. Clips
  6. Battery doors

Expect the unexpected
With many devices and deliveries coming and going, it’s inevitable that we sometimes get a surprise. One of the most unusual was an erroneous delivery (despite correct labelling) of blood samples! We contacted the hospital and were given instructions for safe disposal.

In another example, we had a pager that was used by a security guard and had (somehow) been chewed and savaged by their working dog.

A dedicated team
The Multitone Repair Centre has a dedicated team that last year inspected and repaired an impressive 24,000 devices last year and in many cases provided a two-working-days turnaround.

Pagers are literally a lifeline for many people and despite having to deal with often very challenging conditions, they cope very well with these demands. When they need a little extra care, the Multitone Repair Centre is here to help!

Dave Starling, Multitone Repair Centre Manager