Hospital adopts tried and tested wireless solution for two-way speech at the push of a button

Leading UK hospital benefits from rapid installation of Multitone’s ‘off the shelf’ wireless voice and nurse call alarm system.

Ensuring nursing teams can respond quickly to an emergency is crucial in any hospital, and requires technology tailored to the needs of the staff and the building. Nurses working on a busy hospital ward need to feel confident that, should a critical situation arise, they can call for help immediately, wherever they are.

Fortunately, technology is evolving quickly to improve critical response times and save patient lives. Systems are now available which can be installed quickly, are easy to use, work alongside existing IT infrastructure and can be deployed across multiple buildings.

A great example of how technology can improve these critical communications can be found at a large hospital in the UK following the recent installation of Multitone’s wireless voice and nurse call alarm system.

The client’s requirements

The hospital approached Multitone to discuss options for integrating wireless voice and nurse call alarms. The site had an older class 1 DECT platform using copper cabling, so any new solution needed to work with the IT network without the need to install expensive new cabling or mains rewiring.

The answer? Multitone’s KWS6500 IP DECT system; a tried and tested, off the shelf two-way speech solution which includes media rich critical messaging for frontline team members, first responders, and integration with a nurse call system and a button alert system. Devices can be carried around by the nursing staff to make and receive calls. In addition, the hospital’s ageing pager system was upgraded to enable them to use Multitone’s modern paging equipment, with easy access to Multitone’s family of messaging apps.

How the nurse call system works

Multitone offer a range of Spectralink DECT handsets to customers as part of our clinical communications solutions.

The nurse call system is very simple, but highly effective. A patient sounds the alarm with a portable fob. The nurse call alarm and its real-time location are transmitted to nursing staff using the dedicated cordless handsets, allowing them to reach the patient quickly.

Quick and inexpensive installation

A major benefit of these applications is the speed of the installation: just 2-3 days, including integration with the hospital comms network. The KWS6500 IP DECT system does not require the client to deploy a separate and expensive Wi-Fi canopy, as the Multitone solution is designed specifically for the voice. Furthermore, it plugs straight into a network point with an IP address – without the need for laying additional cabling.

With frequent shift rotas and a steady turnover of staff due to agency staff working on the hospital wards, nurses can learn how to use the system quickly, even if they are new to the hospital.

Hygienic and meets infection control standards

Controlling the spread of infection is a matter at the forefront of all our minds at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For healthcare providers and hospitals, it is especially critical. That is why all the handsets are IP67 rated, are antimicrobial with an antiseptic membrane, consequently reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Ready to go….

The system is so flexible, it can be extended to other buildings on the hospital site at a later date if required; it is a truly adaptable solution which potentially can serve up to 2,000 users.

Further information

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