How can our smart app improve critical communications during the Coronavirus crisis?

Healthcare and medical services in the UK and across the world are facing unprecedented challenges as hospitals deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The ability to communicate immediately has become fraught with difficulty just as it assumes even greater importance.

We are able to support the UK’s national healthcare system through this crisis by quickly supplying hospitals and NHS Trusts with our healthcare mass messaging solution and smart applications. Our life-critical technologies have been perfected throughout 85 years of service in the telecoms industry and are widely adopted and trusted by emergency services.

Multitone’s messenger application and mass messaging solution offers numerous benefits and communication features:

Need to trigger team cardiac calls remotely? Or perhaps you want to empower teams to work away from the hospital as well as page users on site? The app can do this effectively, minimising the impact on a hospitals switchboard.

With busy shifts and changing personnel, our app enables staff to communicate directly with someone in a particular position (e.g. Head of Radiology) without knowing their name.

The app seamlessly transitions automatically between Wi-Fi and mobile networks as you move, providing continuity of connection.

We tailor our systems to meet specific requirements. Multitone’s smart app is a wide area secure messaging platform that integrates with a hospital paging system, including critical paging. Furthermore, we understand the crucial importance of data privacy and security, particularly relating to patients, so all our systems are encrypted, and staff contact details can be concealed. To ensure critical messages always reach their intended recipients, the app has a priority override function which ignores silent & do not disturb settings.

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