Made in the UK

When it comes to developing the latest technology, the UK is undoubtedly a world-leader but in many cases the actual products are manufactured elsewhere. At Multitone we are proud to be different; investing, manufacturing, building and testing many of our communications systems right here in the UK.

The majority of Multitone’s solutions, such as i-Message, Firecoder and transmitters, are designed and manufactured in the UK.  These systems are then integrated with pagers and other mobile devices by our highly skilled systems test engineers, who produce the complete solutions that our customers rely upon.

The advantages of UK manufacturing
With our research and development team based in the UK, communications and planning are much easier and more effective.  The design teams can work very closely with the engineering and manufacturing teams to run pilot projects before the final decision is made to start full scale production.

Our repair centre is also UK-based, which means that we can meet stringent Service Level Agreements on our repair services.  Full technical and logistical expertise can then be delivered at a fraction of the time that would be needed if our repair centre was based elsewhere.

By accommodating changes in product design and delivery schedules, we find that there is greater flexibility, and it is also easier to ensure quality control.  Our ability to complete Factory Acceptance Tests for customers – where we have large or national deployments – ensures that our solutions meet the right specifications before being dispatched and shipped.

When it comes to the needs of our customers, we can fulfil both production and shipping orders quickly. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customer needs and demands.