Major Incident Solution

Real-time secure communications

Efficient, effective and timely organisation of a major incident (MAJAX) is a key challenge for any organisation that could face a major incident. The effectiveness of your communications will never be under more scrutiny than in its role supporting a major incident situation.

Multitone’s major incident solution is the perfect comprehensive communications platform for managing any form of major incident that your organisation could experience. Multitone’s solution offers a number of advantages including; improving operational efficiency and responsiveness, provision of unified messaging (to ensure full contact options over a secure platform), reliable easing of the operational workflow and consolidation of the communications network to reduce overall costs.

The solution provides full proof of delivery reports (including automatic read receipts). Additionally, there is support for users of standard non-smartphone devices, with the ability for these team members to respond using standard SMS to update live boards. This reduces the operational impact on the switchboard, especially at times of reduced staffing levels, such as night time or weekends.

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“Multitone’s messaging system was the only solution to not only address the major incident communications wish-list, but also exceed it.”

The key features

Efficient & effective in a major incident situation

Execute your business plans at the push of a button

Send critical messages during a major incident

Track and monitor responses in real time

Keep staff informed during a major incident

Send alerts & instructions to coordinate teams

Download the Multitone Major Incident Management Brochure

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