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Seriously secure for your critical communications

Whatever your environment and specific communications needs and challenges, you are likely to be using SMART enabled devices to send messages and to share a variety of content – from patient-sensitive information or images to emergency calls to action. In such sensitive situations, public apps, offer the right functionality but lack necessary security.

Multitone’s messaging application is designed specifically to provide secure communications between an organisation’s key users and teams.

Development of the app has been informed by our extensive work on critical communications such as hospital cardiac team and firefighter call-out, shopping mall security and educational staff safety across the globe – situations where there is often no second chance to make contact with the right person.

It has been designed to operate over both public and private Wi-Fi and public mobile networks. This range maximises the likelihood of being able to reach your Multitone Messenger contacts, wherever they are, on or off site.

In addition, there is just one contact ID for all communications, so messages can be sent to recipients using their preferred communication methods, such as email, 2-way radio, phone or their pager, without the need to remember any of them. All communications are logged by the Multitone i-Message system, giving a detailed audit trail – Sent, Received, etc. – providing valuable management information.

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The benefits of Multitone's Solution

Device Agnostic: works across Android and iOS platforms, so you don’t have to replace your digital assets, but, when you do migrate, the application can move with you

Seamless connectivity: native user experience, Multitone Messenger works like all your other apps

Seamless movement between Wi-Fi: the app will transition automatically between Wi-Fi and mobile networks as you move, ensuring no constant logging in and out

Proof of delivery: the originator and the system will know when a message has been received and when it has been read

Centralised contacts: you can generate and utilise centralised lists of organisational contacts or teams for group messaging

Privacy of Contact: contact details are hidden, so phone numbers and email address can be used, but not seen

Security through segregation: all Multitone Messsenger data is stored separately from other applications’ information on your device.

Security through encryption: all data, whether text, speech, image or video, is encrypted

Priority override: high priority messages can override a Silent or Do Not Disturb setting

The Solutions key features

Secure communications

Secure communication with all data held within the application and on the secure server, so secure information can be deleted if the phone is lost or stolen.

Group and multi-user messages

The application  provides the option to send a message to an entire team or department, enabling quick communication within the business.

Transparency across your organisation

The security of your messages and data of whatever medium – as well as the integrity of your organisation is safe with Multitone Messenger

Closed group communications

Only users within the server are available to contact, creating a productive environment for business communication.

Confidence the message has been received

Broken or disrupted repeaters won’t distract the transmission of an alarm.

Audit trail

Multitone's solution stores all messages sent and received for later reviewing.

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