Multitone develop emergency Operating Theatre Call system for NHS hospitals

Based on Multitone’s wireless EkoTek technology, which powers nurse call systems and workplace panic alarms around the world, Multitone has developed a solution to enable clinicians to call for help at the press of a button should an emergency occur in an operating theatre. This ‘Theatre Call’ solution facilitates the rapid deployment of emergency medical teams should a surgery patient suffer a cardiac arrest, for example, improving their chances of survival.

While the system can be customised according to the customer’s needs, a typical set-up would include wireless EkoTek Call Point Repeaters, which feature a button to trigger an alarm, installed in each operating theatre. This would be linked by radio to over-door lights with speakers and to screens displaying live alarm boards in strategic locations outside of the operating theatres. These lights and screens would emit loud audible tones when the Theatre Call alarm is triggered, while the screen clearly states the details and locations of any ongoing alarms.

The system would also be linked into the hospital’s critical messaging network and a Theatre Call alarm would message relevant members of staff automatically. The alarm can only be cancelled from the call point on which it was raised to ensure an appropriate response. Inside the theatre itself, the system is silent to avoid any distractions.

The benefit of this kind of system is that it makes summoning emergency medical assistance to operating theatres completely automated from the button-press onwards. Staff are made aware of the call via multiple methods within seconds. The alarm is transmitted by radio via a mesh network, which is designed in such a way as it cannot be prevented by single points of failure. There is no need for staff to make phone calls or run out of the theatre for help – they can continue to work and focus on their patient with the assurance that help is on the way.

The EkoTek Call Point and Repeater network is fully wireless and battery-powered, so can be installed or reconfigured quickly, easily and cost-effectively. This makes Multitone’s EkoTek-based Theatre Call solution ideal for improving existing hospitals, as most components only require a flat surface to attach them to or, for the alarm display screens as an example, a standard power socket.

To learn more about Multitone’s Theatre Call solution for hospitals, visit our contact page or call +44 (0)1256 320292.