Multitone joins NHS Commercial Solutions Framework for Pager Replacement Apps

Multitone is delighted to be included as a supplier on the Patient and Healthcare Communications and Related IT Services Framework Agreement in Lot 2: Medical Messaging Application (Pager Replacement).

What do NHS Commercial Solutions do?

NHS Commercial Solutions is a procurement organisation owned by the NHS. It provides a range of services to public health providers, including procurement support, collaborative procurement, supply chain, e-enablement and bespoke project support. Clients include acute hospitals, mental health trusts, primary care providers and specialist NHS organisations.

What are the benefits of the Framework Agreement?

This NHS Commercial Solutions Framework, which runs up until February 2025, is free to access, and is accessible to all NHS organisations across the United Kingdom, which includes Trusts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s also accessible to Community Interest Companies (CICs), public service organisations, social enterprises and local authorities.

The Framework makes it easier and less-time consuming for organisations to obtain the services covered by the Framework, including the adoption of clinical messaging apps for pager replacement, as covered in Lot 2. As part of this Framework, Multitone is part of a list of pre-tendered professional service providers.

The Framework also allows for Direct Award on Lot 2.

Why do NHS organisations need apps for pager replacement?

The British government has stipulated that the NHS must move away from using pagers for non-critical communications within the coming years. This was originally meant to happen by the end of 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted priorities. Nevertheless, the shift away from pagers is a result of increasing recognition of the benefits of smartphone-based technologies, 4G and wireless internet in the healthcare sector.

While paging is a simple, extremely reliable technology for getting staff to where they’re needed quickly in emergency situations, for day-to-day communications processes involving pagers are often needlessly convoluted and time-consuming. By moving towards apps and integrated digital communications systems, communications between staff and management of staff are much more efficient.

What can Multitone offer for pager replacement?

Multitone offers a suite of smartphone apps which healthcare providers can choose from, depending on their needs. Appear Lite offers a simple, one-way communications app, which allows users to manually confirm receipt of the message. With silent and Do Not Disturb (DND) override for high-priority messages, Appear Lite can be used to broadcast important information to large numbers of staff, to assign tasks or send notifications to groups or individuals, or as a supplement or alternative to pagers for emergency situations.

Multitone Appear is a two-way communications app that offers more than just instant messaging (IM); it also functions as a single address book and point of contact, allowing people to contact each other via IM, email, voice call or SMS, all within the same app. This is an invaluable tool for quick and easy communications between staff, making it simple to collaborate, get second opinions, and coordinate team efforts. It also reduces the need for face-to-face interaction or sharing of devices like desktop computers or desk phones in an infection control situation, like that faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To learn more about how your organisation can take advantage of the Framework, and how it can adopt our apps to replace non-critical paging and enhance communications, contact us via phone, email or contact form here.