Multitone solution protects deaf employees at Leipzig logistics centre

Multitone have worked with Europe’s leading re-commerce company, Momox AG, to improve the safety of their deaf employees at a logistics centre in Leipzig, Germany.

Fire alarms generally depend on an audible, building-wide alert to notify employees of the need to evacuate. However, this is obviously unsuitable for deaf people. Multitone solve this issue with their Multitone i-Message hybrid messaging platform. It can integrate with third-party building systems, so was deployed at the logistics centre in Leipzig to integrate with their existing fire alarms. When a fire is detected, the fire alarm system communicates this with Multitone i-Message, as well as triggering the audible alerts as usual. i-Message then sounds out a critical alert message to a pre-configured employee list.

This alert message is sent out via a reliable radio transmitter provided by Multitone, and is received by small, portable pagers carried by staff. These emit audible and visual alarms, but crucially for deaf workers, they also vibrate to indicate the receipt of a high-priority message. This ensures that wherever they are and whoever is around them at the time, deaf workers are guaranteed to see the fire alarm message on the screen of their device and can then evacuate the building in a safe, timely fashion.

Thanks to the flexibility of Multitone’s technology, radio paging isn’t the only way we can transmit automated alarm messages to members of staff. This can be integrated with apps to transform workers’ smartphones into either the primary or a secondary alarm device, with Silent & DND overrides for important messages which mimics and improves upon the functionality of a pager in many ways. i-Message also supports a host of other Multitone solutions and third-party integrations, providing secure, intelligent communications throughout an organisation that achieves reliability via multiple transmission routes. i-Message is available as an on-premises solution and in the Cloud.

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