Multitone staff safety alarm system adopted by Rodenstock GmbH in Germany

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Rodenstock has been a global innovation leader in the field of ophthalmic optics for more than 140 years. With around 4,900 employees, Rodenstock operates in more than 85 countries via sales offices and distribution partners.

The safety of employees in production has the highest priority at Rodenstock. To ensure this is fully guaranteed, the laboratories and the outdoor hazardous materials warehouse at their site in Munich have now been secured with Multitone’s innovative EkoTek staff safety alarm system.

Staff are equipped with our EkoSecure messenger devices, which can both raise and receive alarms via the EkoTek system. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, these small, portable and user-friendly personal safety alarms operate via a self-sufficient wide-area radio network. This network is generated by a series of Repeaters that function as location beacons and two-way transmitters.

In an emergency, such as a serious accident, medical emergency, hazardous situation or violent incident, an employee with an EkoSecure Messenger triggers an alarm with a single button press; this can also be generated automatically via either a man-down (fall detection) or timed response (dead-man) functionality. These automatic alarm features are particularly suitable for on-site lone workers should they become incapacitated.

Once raised, an alarm is transmitted to the EkoTek hub within seconds, providing the location of the alarm based on the nearest Repeater to its point of origin. This alarm information is displayed at Rodenstock’s reception desk, which is manned 24 hours a day. The entire radio network is extremely reliable and, as a primarily wireless system, has been implemented without complex cabling.

Solvents, among other things, are stored in the outdoor hazardous materials warehouse. To ensure the site’s personal alarm system can be safely operated throughout the entire facility, Multitone have provided Rodenstock with ATEX Messengers which are safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. This affords staff working in the hazardous materials warehouse the same level of protection as those in the rest of the site.

Our EkoTek technology offers customers both a reliable, highly effective personal alarm system for on-site employees and a great deal of flexibility to meet their specific requirements. Thanks to our EkoSecure wide-area components and our ingress-protected Repeaters, our system can be installed indoors, outdoors, or covering a combination of the two. EkoSecure components offer coverage over large areas, like warehouse aisles, whilst other EkoTek components offer the granularity needed to localise alarms to individual rooms and corridors.

We can support sites large and small, and offer fixed alarm buttons as well as portable fobs and two-way Messengers. We can also offer vandal resistant and ligature resistant options for our Repeaters. In addition to all of this, the system can be configured with EkoMS to display alarms on screens via live alarm boards or maps, and can be integrated with Multitone i-Message and our Appear Lite app to forward alarms with Silent & DND override to smartphones. Whichever way an alarm is triggered or delivered, thanks to our wireless mesh network technology, a precise location guarantees a rapid response.

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