Multitone and Anoto Announce Strategic Alliance

Multitone, a proven manufacturer of products and services in the critical communications arena today announced it has formed a strategic alliance with Anoto, the world leader in digital writing technology. The two companies have expertise and experience in the products and services they provide and can offer proven integrated solutions, which help to assist all healthcare services.

Anoto is able to provide a highly mobile and easy-to-use way of collecting, storing and distributing critical clinical data, when incorporated with i-Message, a critical communication system developed by Multitone, a unified solution is created. This powerful offering supports the ability to communicate with ease, automates workflow with improved efficiencies and most importantly lets the focus remain on patient care.  

Director of strategic partnerships at Multitone, Peter Lomax commented, “A combined offering from Multitone and Anoto is a perfect fit to streamline communication and simplify data processing. Being a modern and flexible communication system, i-Message is easily integrated with digital pen technology supplied by Anoto. We can offer emergency services providers an accurate and secure way of logging important details, without having to train all their staff in a completely new way of working. It can easily be integrated into existing workflows with staff using a digital pen instead of a traditional one, but with the recorded data being instantly processed and stored in i-Message.”

The combination of both i-Message and digital pens presents an impressive solution. It provides an evolutionary pathway for the adoption of new technologies, without the complexity of a revolutionary approach or the mass adoption of new and sometimes unfamiliar tools. Healthcare services are able to utilise the solution to enable the mobilisation of data at the point of capture and direct it to appropriate team members, empowering them to immediately address the treatment of the patient.  

Richard Sargent, programme and project delivery director at Anoto commented, “Multitone and Anoto are both at the forefront of delivering advanced integrated solutions and have successfully deployed many to healthcare services providers. Our digital pen technology is highly intuitive and offers the robustness of pen and paper with issue-free data processing. Being a highly user-friendly device to store digital data, our digital pen technology platform is highly compatible with other modern systems. Having data stored and accessible in real time makes vital information easily shared with authorised personal devices over house systems, or any other secure access points, ensuring critical records are available in any medical situation that requires them.”


Multitone and Anoto have a well-established working relationship and have already worked jointly on previous ventures. One recent project was requested from the Welsh Ambulance Service. Anoto was asked to make developments to the current paramedic form to enable the capture of digital writing. Harnessing the capability of sending patient information real time across a public GSM network, it was received by i-Message and then simultaneously sent to a pager and smartphone. This solution was demonstrated and well-received at a recent event held at the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff.