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Your care home, nursing home, retirement home or hospital needs a patient and nurse alarm system. You need it to be accessible to the patient whether they’re bedbound or mobile; and either way, you need it to identify their exact location and alert the right people immediately; and you want it to be cost effective.

It is likely that some of your nursing staff routinely work in isolation or late at night. Unfortunately accidents happen, and when they do, you want your staff to be able to raise the appropriate alarm instantly – or for it to be triggered automatically in the case of loss of consciousness.

Traditional alarms offer either static buttons that allow no user mobility, or mobile alarms that do not identify resident location. They also usually require extensive mains rewiring which multiplies the cost, as well as necessitating disruptive and expensive ward or room closures.

Multitone's solution features wall-based and mobile alarms, both of which identify the staff and patient location. Based on wireless, failsafe technology, the solution offers both cost effectiveness - no mains rewiring required - and reliability - in the unlikely event of a repeater failing the message will be re-routed.

Our safety solution offers the ultimate in flexible, reliable and cost effective wireless alarms. Devices can be wall-mounted, hand-held or pull-cord for flexibility, the network is mesh-based for failsafe reliability; and the repeaters are wireless for quick, easy and low-cost installation.

Wall Unit Transparent

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The Solutions key features

Anytime anywhere alarms

Wall-mounted, hand-held and pull-cord units (for bathrooms) means you can raise the alarm wherever you are and the system will identify your location to the relevant staff.

Complete visibility

The solution can monitor all staff-resident contact – both alarmed and scheduled – and produce reports for management planning and relative reassurance purposes.

Staff Safety and assistance

Staff can communicate with each other for assistance or in the case of an emergency.

Reliability you can trust

The solution is radio-based, delivering superior transmission and accuracy through our failsafe mesh network.

Easy, quick and economical to install

Wireless repeater units offer rapid installation, minimising costs due to no mains rewiring and no ward closures.

Developed for your environment

Robust, water proof at IP67 and include anti-microbial technology, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, thereby reducing the threat of cross-contamination.

Download the Nurse Call Solution Brochure

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