Appear Lite

Secure and simple messaging

Multitone Appear Lite is a 'receive only' app, just like a pager but with the added feature of call confirmation.  On receipt of a message, the app automatically sends a device acknowledgement and on the recipient's reading of the message, a read receipt.

Simplified Interface: using pager style characteristics, tone alerts signal message receipt - a feature that distinguishes Multitone Appear Lite from other app based messaging solutions.

Message Acknowledgement: the app automatically sends a device acknowledgement and a read receipt back to the sender.

Message Acceptance: a clear signal to the sender that the recipient has not only read the message content, but also that the communication has been accepted.

The Multitone Appear Range

Our latest versions of the app, Appear, Appear Cre and Appear+, are now available.  For more information about their features and benefits, please use the links below:

Features & Benefits

  • Secure messaging
  • Dedicated corporate solution - no accidental messages sent to friends and family
  • Communications stay within the Multitone i-Message cloud
  • Track message status from ‘device acknowledgement’ on the delivery of message, to ‘read receipt’ and 'user acknowledgement'
  • Other users automatically notified when you are out of coverage

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