Appear Lite

Secure and simple messaging

Multitone Appear Lite is a 'receive only' app, just like a pager but with the added feature of call confirmation.  On receipt of a message, the app automatically sends a device acknowledgement and on the recipient's reading of the message, a read receipt.

Simplified Interface: using pager style characteristics, tone alerts signal message receipt - a feature that distinguishes Multitone Appear Lite from other app based messaging solutions.

Message Acknowledgement: the app automatically sends a device acknowledgement and a read receipt back to the sender.

Message Acceptance: a clear signal to the sender that the recipient has not only read the message content, but also that the communication has been accepted.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure messaging
  • Dedicated corporate solution - no accidental messages sent to friends and family
  • Communications stay within the Multitone i-Message cloud
  • Track message status from ‘device acknowledgement’ on the delivery of message, to ‘read receipt’ and 'user acknowledgement'
  • Other users automatically notified when you are out of coverage

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