Secure and dedicated corporate communications

Appear+ incorporates all the functionality of Multitone Appear, with the additional ability to support the features of SIP Client (Telephone Interface), secure messaging with digital signature capture, and Smart Buttons, plus the capability to support barcode reading for logistics and security functions.

SIP Client: supports Voice over IP (VoIP) and a conference bridge, enabling voice enabled collaborative teams.

Digital Signature Capture: the digital signature capture works in conjunction with the image or document messaging, when user authorisation is required.  This providing an audit trail of critical information.

Smart Buttons: this feature enabled on Android devices allows for the creation of soft key buttons that can be assigned to a special function, such as sending a message to a certain individual or job function, to send an alarm, or to link multiple actions.

The Multitone Appear Range

Our latest versions of the app, Appear Lite, Appear Crew and Appear+, are now available.  For more information about their features and benefits, please use the links below:

Features & Benefits

All the benefits of Multitone Appear, plus:

  • Call any extension number on the phone system, or call a colleague on their mobile
  • Rapid conference call feature
  • Status indicator: “on-call”, “busy” or “not available”
  • Other users notified the moment you are out of coverage 
  • SMART buttons feature allows you to create hotkeys assigned to call a specific user, group or function
  • Discreet imaging with digital consent form

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