Appear Crew

Secure, simple messaging.  The Multitone Appear Crew App has been designed specifically to provide secure communications between an emergency services key users and remote teams. It operates as a pager but with message confirmation back to the command centre.

The functionality you want. Once any message is sent, the application provides a delivery notification back to the command room. Additionally, the retained fire fighter will manually acknowledge the message with a quick pre-formatted response. No message is ever lost. If it is undeliverable when it is sent, it is stored and delivered the moment the target device re-appears on the cell phone or wi-fi network.

Status message. A key feature is the ability to set your availability direct from the App.
- Available, all calls are received through the app and phone
- Unavailable or off duty, all calls received but only ‘insufficient crew’ calls will alert the phone
- Night mode, available but alerts received in vibrate only

Messages. Each Command & Control centre message is sent with a chosen priority level, enabling the recipient to act with an appropriate level of urgency.
- Emergency call, high priority
- Test alert, regular weekly testing
- Standby message, low priority make your way to the station
- Insufficient Crew, which over rides the off-duty status

The Multitone Application Range

At a Glance

  • The Multitone Appear Crew App works across Android platforms, so you shouldn’t have to replace your digital assets
  • Seamless movement between devices: native user experience, Multitone App works like all your other apps
  • Seamless movement: the app will transition automatically between Wi-Fi and mobile networks as you move, ensuring no constant logging in and out
  • Proof of delivery: the originator and the system will know when a message has been received and when it has been read
  • Priority override: high priority messages can override a Silent or Do Not Disturb setting
  • Security through encryption: all data is encrypted

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