EkoCare – Nurse Call

Nurse Call Solution - Peace of mind for residents and staff

If you are running a care home or hospital you need to protect your residents and staff, through a nurse call solution. The Multitone EkoCare solution provides essential accessibility to the resident whether they are bedbound or mobile; and, either way, you need it to pinpoint their exact location and alert the right people immediately.

Traditional alarms offer either static buttons that allow no user mobility, or mobile alarms that do not pinpoint resident location. They also usually require extensive mains rewiring which multiplies the cost, as well as necessitating disruptive and expensive ward or room closures.

EkoCare from Multitone features wall-based and mobile alarms, both of which identify the staff and resident location. Based on wireless, failsafe technology, EkoCare offers both cost effectiveness – no mains rewiring – and reliability – in the unlikely event of a repeater failing, the message will be rerouted.  

On alarm activation, a message is transmitted across a smart radio-based network of beacons and repeaters to the Multitone hub, which sends it on to a pre-set nurse or group. Any response is immediately acknowledged back to the patient for peace of mind.  In the event of there being no response within a preconfigured time, the alarm can be further escalated – perhaps to the ward sister, or to a supervisor with pager or a two-way radio, or via a manager’s mobile phone.



  • System will pinpoint their location to the relevant nurse
  • Nurses can communicate with each other for assistance or in the case of an emergency
  • Wireless repeater units offer rapid installation, minimising costs
  • Radio-based, delivering superior transmission and accuracy through our fail safe mesh network
  • Water proof with anti-microbial technology, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic
  • EkoCare system software can monitor all staff-patient contact – both alarmed and scheduled


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