“A secure wide area system to protect your workers”

Looking to protect your mobile workers operating in and between large buildings or campuses, then the Multitone EkoSecure system is the ideal solution. Working as stand alone or in conjunction with the EkoTek network, the EkoSecure pager protects users as they wander in and out of buildings. Ensuring your staff are protected 24/7, along with their status and location information to co-workers.

Mobile Device
Staff protection is provided through a two way pager with location information plus an audible alarm to help teams identify their colleague. An alarm request is initiated through a large red button, which sends a message to a defined group of users. If there is no response then the alarm is escalated to ensure no-one is left unattended. In addition to the button alarm, help can also be raised through a snatch cord, man down or dead man alarm.

A series of interconnected EkoSecure repeaters provide the network coverage, each with a 60m range. The mesh network provides enhanced resilience with alternative connectivity in the unlikely removal or damage to a repeater. Housed in a weather proof enclosure the repeater is mains operated with battery backup.

EkoSecure pager


  • Escalation of the alarm should no alarm acknowledgment be received, to the same or another team
  • Location updating, which changes as the user moves around the site ensures assistance reaches the user and not the place of incident
  • Alarm acknowledgement informs the user that help is on the way, this helps reduce escalation of an event and brings it to a conclusion quickly

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