EkoTek – Staff Protection

Building Better Healthcare 2017 Award Winner - "Best Communications System"


“Multitone’s EkoTek staff protection solution helps you provide a duty of care to your employees by enabling them to call for help if an incident occurs.”

EkoTek is an onsite two-way wireless staff protection system that raises an alarm from the touch of a button, fall or lack of response from the user. With location details provided with the alarm, assistance is directed straight to the user.

EkoTek uses a self-healing mesh network that is battery operated providing up to 2 years of staff protection without the need for wiring. This makes EkoTek a sensible choice for retrofit installations in busy environments where cabling could be inappropriate.

With its ability to repair any broken communications links and report any network errors to the maintenance team EkoTek ensures complete reliability for those that rely on receiving rapid responses.

Suitable for professionals working in challenging environments or in isolation, such as laboratories, schools, factories, power stations, retail stores, hospitals or care-homes. EkoTek provides the level of support needed to allow staff to concentrate on their job in the knowledge that assistance, should they need it, is only seconds away.

IP67 rated mobile devices allow users to clean devices with sprays or disinfectant ensuring workplace hygiene is maintained each day.

Teams can be set up so that alarms are sent only to those who can assist quickly, leaving others to continue their daily work uninterrupted.

EkoTek staff protection pagers

Features & Benefits

  • Escalation of the alarm should no alarm acknowledgment be received, to the same or another team
  • Location updating, which changes as the user moves around the site ensures assistance reaches the user and not the place of incident
  • Alarm acknowledgement informs the user that help is on the way, this helps reduce escalation of an event and brings it to a conclusion quickly
  • A second assistance alarm allows users to call for non-urgent help should they just need assistance with a task

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