Firecomms+ Suite

“Robust station end software and equipment to mobilise fire crews with speed and efficiency.”

Firecomms+ is a suite of software applications specifically designed for Emergency Service mobilisation.

Firecomms+ CCP

The Firecomms+ CCP plays an integral part in any GD92 communications system. Flexible and resilient software that receives alerts from the command and control centres and sends out messages to multiple personnel and escalated if no response is received, giving peace of mind that incidents will always be attended within the shortest time possible.

Firecomms+ NSM

This application monitors and dynamically tests all GD92 nodes on any given network. This can be configured to automatically and routinely, whether required daily or every few hours. A failed test instigates an alarm event which can escalated until resolved.

Fires Peripheral Devices

In order to provide a complete solution, Multitone offers a robust and reliable suite of Firecoder station end equipment:

Remote console

The remote console unit extends the available functionality of the Firecoder front buttons and display outside of the Firecoder equipment cabinet to a remote location within the fire station. Connection to the Firecoder is via an RS232 link. (Other options available)

Plant interface unit

The plant interface unit offers heavy current IO switching of 8 x relay poles. The unit connects directly and is controlled by the Firecoder low current IO switching ports. The unit can be installed up to 5m from the Firecoder or can be installed anywhere within a fire station using the LPI LAN interface unit. This unit is typically used to operate station doors, ring bells, operate traffic lights and station electrical supply.
(Rack mountable option available)

Call verification/tertiary unit

The call verification unit has two functions; the unit can be used for a fault indication of a failed mobilising alerter call, or can be used as a tertiary (one-way) stand-by communications bearer to activate station mobilisation.

LAN Peripheral Interface (LPI)

The LPI unit extends the distance that peripheral devices can be installed away from the equipment cabinet using LAN. By using the LAN, we maintain two-way secure messaging and fault monitoring. The device can directly interface with closing/opening contact IO and RS232 and is capable of interfacing to VoIP.

Remote Printer Interface (RPI)

The RPI is a parallel printer interface that remotely extends the printer up to 15m away from the main equipment cabinet, using RS232. The intimate GD92 printer control available from the Firecoder interface is maintained remotely using this device.


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