i-Message 100

Multitone i-Message is a voice and text messaging system that underpins any existing business communications. By providing instant messaging to a range of devices and taking inputs from other equipment, messages can be sent to a range of individuals and teams irrespective of where they are or what they are doing.

The i-Message 100 is a cost effective messaging and communication system specifically designed to give smaller organisations, or divisions within a large organisation, the confidence that all messaging and alarm management is monitored and controlled, all with levels of flexibility normally associated with large scale products. i-Message 100 is ideal for a 100 users or more communicating using a combination of voice and dat

i-Message 100 gives users a sophisticated communication system which doesn’t require them to adapt or change the way in which they use their existing communication tools. Your organisation can operate as normal, but with an additional level of sophistication. Phone calls and conversations can be held as standard, but with i-Message 100 anyone can receive a vital message on their device at any time whether it is a smartphone, landline, DECT pager or PC.  This allows important messages to be acted upon even if you are busy or on a call

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