Multitone IM-Lite

Multitone IM-Lite Next Generation

Communications around your warehouse, private healthcare facility, retail environment, hotel or building need to keep pace with the demands of your organisational goals, the security and safety of your staff, customers and guests, and the ever-evolving challenges.

IM-Lite allows you to plan and target your communications to right individual or team, while not worrying about how the connection is made.

At a Glance

Supporting up to 300 users IM-Lite is a powerful messaging platform that empowers you to send messages that reach the right people first time, every time, in quick time. Manually, or automatically generated, emergency, for information or to alert, this unified messaging platform integrates email, text, voicemail, video, paging to voice applications using mobile phones, paging, DECT, Wi-Fi, 2-way radio, IP telephony and your telephone system. This flexibility – and the vital efficiency and time saving it delivers – is what sets IM-Lite apart.

Alarms and alerts

Alarm Centralisation: IM-Lite can rationalise your alarm systems and monitoring points to a single alarm reception centre, offering mobile access and alert escalation. The system is ideal for centralising information systems that monitor all manner of machinery and devices.

EkoTek staff protection fob on nurse's belt

Staff Safety: IM-Lite can automate communications for staff assembly, alerts and advice; the system can send an alarm message to the appropriate staff, containing the sender’s exact location.  Monitoring your staff has never been so easy using the Multitone map board, but importantly only when an event is raised. If needed message staff directly from the web map interface

Notification: enables organisations to send notifications to individuals or groups, no matter their preferred device, using lists, locations and visual intelligence. This comprehensive notification solution keeps everyone right up to speed before, during and after events.

Arm wearing blood pressure cuff and pulse being taken

Private Healthcare: Perfect for maximising efficiency and minimising delay across the whole breadth of applications. From team call outs, where clinical staff can be informed and co-ordinated in seconds, through encrypted ‘conversations’ concerning patient data and images, to day-to-day communications such as patient transitions.

A Secure system for growth and development

In a warehouse emergency, you don’t want to waste vital seconds looking up if it’s Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Evans or Ms. Collins on duty as fire marshal, you just want to message, “Fire Marshall,” and let the system find the right person.
In a ‘suspicious person’ alert at your hotel, you don’t want to annoy the security personnel on leave or otherwise not on duty – and risk clogging the system with redundant “I am not responding” messages – you just want to get the right information out to the right people right away.
You want automatic escalation if a call remains answered; you want automatic override so that emergency messages can break through to others; and you want the security of encryption and the segregation of messages on devices.


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