Soft Link

“An intuitive touchscreen user-interface to message, monitor and control.
All at your fingertips.”

Soft Link is the user-friendly graphical interface to the i-Message family of products, consisting of easy-to-use screens, accessible from a tablet or a PC. This allows simple and effective staff communications, such as assigning tasks, monitoring activities and essential building management actions. Soft Link is suitable for departments in large organisations or site-wide in smaller premises, it also offers an audit trail feature for managerial purposes.

Built on flexible architecture, Soft Link is customisable to your specifics needs: it supports multiple screens designed for specific users’ roles, or departments, and up to 24 active icons per screen.

The messaging options allow the user to easily contact a member of staff with few taps on the screen, without the need to know who is using what device or remember telephone extensions. Pre-formatted messages ensure communications reach the designated receiver rapidly, and additional info and details can be added by using the free-form texts.

Basic operations and tasks can be carried out with few taps on the screen: ie control barriers, call security, ask for assistance or equipment, etc. Emergency icons can be also provided in case a serious situation occurs and assistance is urgently needed in a certain area of the premises.

Soft Link also enables equipment and CCTV monitoring and showing visual alerts, on the screen, so staff can respond accordingly.

Softlink screen interface

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