Wireless Server 400

“Wireless Server 400 - providing effective communication for small to medium sized businesses.”

A simple solution for small businesses, supporting up to 30 wireless users and 12 simultaneous calls. Companies with a number of small businesses can easily offer mobility to their employees by installing the Wireless Server 400 solution at each location.

The scalability ensures that the Wireless Server 400 solution can develop with your business to fit your exact needs today and in the future. It is a cost-effective solution, utilising existing infrastructure, whilst still delivering high quality and secure voice communication.


  • Corporate phonebook is integrated
  • Upgrade via license as your business grows
  • Cost-effective solution: Reuse the existing infrastructure
  • Delivers high quality and secure voice communication
  • Increases business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes
  • Can be installed in multiple locations to ensure mobility
  • External antenna
  • Browser configuration option

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