Wireless Server 6500

“Wireless Server 6500 - Giving your staff the means to communicate whilst mobile.”

For radio coverage over a large geographical area or to equip a large number of mobile employees with wireless telephony, the Wireless Server 6500 solution is an excellent choice.

The Wireless Server 6500 solution can fulfil wireless needs of up to 4,096 mobile employees, and can grow with your organization. A flexible license option allows you to only pay for the users and features you need.

Server 6500


  • Redundancy makes it possible to deploy a Wireless Server 6500 solution as a load-balancing cluster of two servers with automatic failover
  • Simplicity with direct connection to LAN
  • 19” Rack solution
  • Delivers high-quality and secure voice communications across all enterprise environments
  • Increases business efficiency by integrating application systems and business processes
  • Maximises employee availability using simple, reliable, and durable devices
  • Single web portal for administration and maintenance

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