Wireless Server 8000

“The DECT server for over 4000 mobile workers.”

Wireless telephony for small to large businesses with up to 4095 mobile users. Connecting the wireless server to the existing telephone system is simple and is without interruption to existing services through PBX analogue or SIP telephone ports.

A survey of the premises will assess the number of wireless base stations or repeaters required and once installed any DECT user can roam around the site whilst still carrying out their day-to-day tasks and remain in contact.

Server 8000


  • Future-proof as the flexible and scaleable design ensures the solution matches your needs at all times
  • Delivers high-quality and secure voice communications across all business environments
  • Low power consumption fosters a greener environment and reduces costs
  • Dramatically improves responsiveness and productivity of mobile workers
  • Increases business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes
  • Seamless migration from analogue to VoIP telephony
  • Maximises employee availability using simple, reliable, and durable devices
  • Reduces the number of on-site service visits via service facilities such as management reports and analysing tools

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