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Unified Messaging

A comprehensive communication platform ensuring that all messages are delivered irrespective of the device utilised, along with the escalation of unanswered messages, Multitone ensures business critical communications.

Application Interfaces

Multitone has created and continues to develop application interfaces to work with third party approved solutions. Thereby allowing critical technology to interface with our unified messaging solution.

Message Application

Multitone Appear is a fully integrated, secure, communications application.   Running on iOS, Android, Microsoft & Blackberry platforms, the application offers real-time voice and messaging across your organisation.

Eko Family

Your colleagues and staff are your number one priority, protecting them is not just a legal requirement, but ensures they feel comfortable at work, it enhances their productivity and improves your staff retention.  


A comprehensive series of communication platforms from Multitone ensures that all messages are delivered irrespective of the the device, using wireless DECT & Wi-Fi telephony, two way radio, cellular, tablets to paging.


Providing staff with WiFi and DECT handsets, pagers and other handheld devices.  Communicating in a simple and reliable way, they also receive and send information through integrated applications to help you when you are on the job.


Every second counts in an emergency situations. That’s why we provide a portfolio of solutions to not only make sure that mobilising messages are received, but that the complete process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Machine Messaging

Our machine messaging can reduce or eliminate multiple alarm management systems and monitoring points to a single alarm reception centre, as well as being a reliable messaging and communication system.


Some of Multitone's products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale, but the link below will take you to information about how to upgrade, replace or repair your product: