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It goes without saying that communications are a key tool for the Healthcare sector, but finding and choosing the right solution for deliverables and cost-efficiency can be difficult.  Multitone’s systems are designed to meet both the technology and practical needs of your communications requirements.

Emergency Services

With over 60 years’ supporting critical communications, Multitone offers a proven level of expertise and experience through its products and services.
We understand that every second counts when it comes to mobilising teams in emergency situations.


Communications between security, maintenance, management and tenants, play a critical part within the retail industry but finding and choosing the right solution - in terms of deliverables and cost-efficiency - can be difficult, especially with so much potential choice on offer.

Image of students sat on steps in University building


Mobility is key when it comes to university campus life. Students, lecturers, security and maintenance depend on effective communication networks in order to ensure a secure campus, maintain the estate, and find people easily when the need arises.  

Elderly care nurse helping senior from wheel chair to bed

Elderly Care

Peace of mind: Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are also homes. It is therefore important that they are pleasant places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and where everyone’s health & safety is sensibly and effectively managed.

Other Sectors

Modern life insists that the communications around your campus, arena, mall or building keep pace with the demands of your organisational goals, the security and safety of your staff, customers and patients, and the ever-evolving challenges of our 21st century world.