Mobility is key when it comes to university campus life. Students, lecturers, security and maintenance depend on effective communication networks in order to ensure a secure campus, maintain the estate, and find people easily when the need arises.  

Staff Communications

Whatever your campus communications needs, i-Message from Multitone empowers you to send messages that reach the right people first time, every time, in quick time.

  • In a campus emergency, you don’t want to waste vital seconds looking up the staff currently on duty.  You just want to send your message and guarantee that it reaches the right person straight away.
  • In a ‘suspicious person’ alert, you don’t want to risk messaging personnel who are on leave or off duty, therefore slowing down response times.  You just want to get the right information out to the right people, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • And you want automatic escalation if a call remains unanswered, and automatic override so that emergency messages can break through to others.

Campus Safety and Security

Increase campus safety by proactively mitigating potential threats and quickly responding to security and fire incidents. Equip employees with mobile devices and personal safety solutions, so they can easily guide visitors and students to safety, and give real-time updates via i-Message and EkoTek.

  • Raise the alarm: send the message you need, whether activated (emergency and non-emergency) or automatic (e.g. man down, snatch cord pulled).
  • Where you need to send it: you can communicate to a pre-set individual or group, with automatic escalation if it is not answered promptly.
  • Giving peace of mind: the initiator receives immediate confirmation of receipt and response.

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