Elderly Care - Peace of mind

Your care home, nursing home, or retirement home needs a residential and nurse alarm system.  You need it to be accessible to the resident whether they are bed bound or mobile; and, either way, you need it to pinpoint their exact location and alert the right people immediately; and you want it to be cost effective.

It is likely that some of your nursing staff routinely work in isolation or late at night. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, you want your staff to be able to raise the appropriate alarm instantly – or for it to be triggered for them in the case of loss of consciousness. 

Traditional alarms offer either static buttons that allow no user mobility, or mobile alarms that do not pinpoint patient location.  They also usually require extensive mains rewiring which multiplies the cost, as well as necessitating disruptive and expensive ward or room closures.

Nurse Call

Members of your staff, who work either by themselves or in challenging environments, need the ability to summon immediate assistance should they feel they are at risk.