Security & Safety

We all have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain and promote the health, safety and security of our staff. At Multitone we can advise how you can connect all your different emergency and security systems and report these messages centrally to the right person on the right device.

With remote locations and around the clock usage, fire and rescue staff can present potential personal safety issues. It is therefore important to have effective communications that can identifying the location of staff, and keep a track of lone workers, to ensure their safety.

Multitone’s EkoSecure solution provides a flexible yet reliable and cost-effective approach to ensuring personal safety. Using a specifically designed device, these solutions give your staff full peace of mind, wherever they are on your estate.


A secure wide area system to protect your workers Looking to protect your mobile workers operating in and between large buildings or campuses, then the Multitone EkoSecure system is the ideal solution. Wo ...