Enhanced Patient Care

Make an informed decision with secure and accurate patient information.

Patient Safety - Nurse Call Solution

Your care home, nursing home, retirement home or hospital needs a patient and nurse alarm system.  You need it to be accessible to the patient whether they are bed bound or mobile; and, either way, you need it to pinpoint their exact location and alert the right people immediately; and you want it to be cost effective.

Our Nurse Call patient safety solution EkoCare, offers the ultimate in flexible, reliable and cost effective wireless alarms.  Patient units can be wall-mounted, hand-held or pull-cord for flexibility; the network is mesh-based for fail safe reliability; and the repeaters are wireless for quick, easy and low-cost installation.

Quicker Response

Ensuring care givers are in the right place at the right the time with right patient allows them to make informed decisions.  Multitone’s i-Message provides effective contact with care givers, managing their movement by considering shift patterns, individual location and the needs of the care teams, to co-ordinate any situation effectively.

  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Improve care delivery
  • Focus on patient safety
  • Eliminate manual processes to help increase staff efficiency and workflow
  • Peace of mind through timely and effective communication


Multitone’s RPR950 pager allows you to receive alphanumeric and voice messages ensuring staff receive all the information needed to respond to your request. RPR950 is designed for professionals who dema ...