Mass Messaging

Work place practices and technology has over taken the need for the traditional intercom system, phone hunt and manual connections when communicating with healthcare staff. Mass messaging for whatever type of eventuality needs to be easy and secure, with guaranteed outcomes.

Patient in hospital bed with doctors


The effectiveness of your communications will never be under more scrutiny than in its role supporting a Major accident and emergency (Majax) situation. Multitone’s i-Message is the perfect comprehensive communications platform, from the initial alerts via the public or emergency services, to the messaging of key staff and management of the response by the people involved.

i-Message allows you to reach your team members immediately; with a return acknowledgement, and a confirmation to stand down once the emergency has concluded. 

Crash Teams

In life or death situations your team needs to know it can rely on its communications solution to ensure medical teams know precisely where and when they are needed. Multitone’s i-Message routes alerts to the right people and teams, automates alarm escalation and keeps detailed event logs for audit tracking.

i-Message also works in conjunction with Multitone’s paging systems, which provide a highly reliable and cost-effective instant messaging solution that is perfect for critical messaging.


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