Remote Monitoring

Within any establishment staff to staff communications are important, but a comprehensive communications solution will also include the monitoring of all systems including those of critical equipment and systems.

Critical Systems

Multitone’s i-Message integrates with any critical system, from BMS to pharmaceutical fridges where it can warn of any changes in temperature or conditions, safeguarding vital and costly medicines and samples from deterioration. The system automatically alerts relevant staff of potential issues, so a repair or contingency plan can be actioned.


AGV Robots

The use of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) is ideal for delivering supplies around a hospital site, but it is also important for ward staff and managers to know when these are due or have arrived.

Multitone’s i-Message and @ppear app advise the right person/team when deliveries are scheduled. Ancillary staff can be alerted when laundry items are ready and nursing staff can be informed when medicines or supplies have arrived at the ward.

Spectralink 7722

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