Security & Safety

We all have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain and promote the health, safety and security of staff and patients. At Multitone we can advise how you can connect all your different emergency and security systems and report these messages centrally to the right person on the right device.

Personal Safety

With large areas, remote locations and around the clock usage, medical facilities can present potential personal safety issues. Effective communications identifying the location of staff, and keep a track of lone workers (or those working in a potentially volatile location), to ensure safety.

Multitone’s solutions from EkoTek to Wi-Fi handsets provide a flexible yet reliable and cost-effective approach to ensuring personal safety. Using a specifically designed healthcare device, these solutions give your staff full peace of mind, wherever they are on your site.


Multitone’s i-Message solution provides your security team with real-time messaging across a wide range of popular mobile device platforms. Along with voice and written communications, this includes video and images from CCTV and surveillance systems, which can be shared instantly with the on-site team to pinpoint and resolve potential issues.

Fire & Emergency Controls

It’s vital your team and the local fire and emergency services know the situation during a fire or emergency alert, even if it is a false alarm. It is worth remembering that false alarms can incur charges from the emergency services as well as inconvenience.

Multitone’s i-Message, combined with the @ppear app, will contact and relay information to all relevant members of your team, whatever location or device they are using. In the event of an emergency, relevant staff are alerted to check the situation and co-ordinated for evacuation when necessary. It will also alert the emergency services of a potential issue, but also flag up a false alarm.


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