Staff Communications

Ensure your staff can connect instantly to one another for the sharing of critical information. Multitone’s i-Message will ensure whatever wireless network or device you use, your commands, records, images and messages are readily available.

Call by name

Having to find the appropriate number (or multiple numbers) for a contact within the medical facility is inconvenient and becomes a serious problem in an emergency.

Multitone’s i-Message ensures individuals/teams can be located by name or description, ensuring your team can contact the right people right away. It can also distinguish the best contact device to reach them at any particular time (be that an internal extension, mobile device or pager). There is no doubt over which device to call and private numbers of staff can be protected.

Local Dispatch

The right communications allow your teams to work closely with each other, whatever their location. Treatment teams can benefit from shared information, ensuring patients receive the best co-ordinated care from all the professionals involved. Equally, porters and cleaners can be alerted when their services are required.

Multione’s encrypted @ppear app is perfect for co-ordinating and contacting team members and sharing relevant notes or images. @ppear also ensures your teams are notified of developments or announcements that require their attention.


Historically it has been the responsibility for each department to construct/maintain and communicate their staff rota to other departments, including the switchboard. Unfortunately, switchboards can be a major 'Choke Point', due to the sheer volume of traffic they have to manage, plus the continuous daily changes made to the staff rota.

The solution is RotaWatch which provides a real time online staff rota management system. When connected to the Multitone i-Message it ensures that the available person, gets the right message on the right device at the right time.


Staffing switch boards and telephony support 24/7 to route messages or calls to separate departments – can be inefficient and expensive to provide. Multitone’s i-Message supports these functions with a centralised and intelligent automated communications routing system. Messages or calls are instantly routed to the most suitable device for the right person/team, automatically considering the time of day and movements of the contact.


Spectralink 7722

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