Healthcare Work Flow Management

From admission to discharge, patients and staff have to go through streams of processes; many of which can be tedious and irritating.

Research has shown that up to 40% of clinical office work is redundant or wasted effort, such as looking for charts or files, repeat phone calls, or locating pharmacy drug keys. However, these processes can be streamlined for efficiency, the saving of time and, most importantly, patient satisfaction.

Images Messaging

Capturing and sharing medical images securely and effectively can be a challenge, especially to comply with data protection laws and the risk of potential fines and reputational damage.

Using Multitone’s i-Message and @ppear app, images and important documents are shared securely, with protection to stop sensitive material being stolen or misappropriated. i-Message logs actions (for audit and security purposes) and all communications are sent over an encrypted network.

Porter Task

Effective communications with porters ensures patients and equipment are moved when required. Multitone’s i-Message and @ppear app provide effective contact with porters, managing their movement by considering shift patterns, individual location and the needs of the care teams, to co-ordinate any situation effectively.


Historically it has been the responsibility for each department to construct/maintain and communicate their staff rota to other departments, including the switchboard. Unfortunately, switchboards can be a major 'Choke Point', due to the sheer volume of traffic they have to manage, plus the continuous daily changes made to the staff rota.

The solution is RotaWatch which provides a real time online staff rota management system. When connected to the Multitone i-Message it ensures that the available person gets the right message on the right device at the right time.