Fire Station Alerter Range Solution

Extend alerter range and ensure good coverage throughout your fire station catchment area with our signal repeaters and highly sensitive alerters

As towns expand, fire stations may struggle to alert crew in outlying areas due to geographic obstacles or weakened signal. Multitone can boost alerter range to ensure good coverage throughout the extended fire station catchment area through a combination of low power POCSAG radio repeaters, linking nearby fire station transmitters for call repeats, and the use of highly sensitive alerters.

With a solution tailored for your fire station, we can ensure your entire catchment area can receive alerter shouts, improving response rates and helping with crew recruitment and retention.

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Boosting alerter range: the equipment

Multitone Low Power Repeater

The Multitone Low Power Repeater extends the range of your alerter network and helps improve reception in areas of poor coverage. Useful in urban and outlying rural areas, the repeater can ensure coverage inside buildings, improve overall reception and boost the network over or around geographic obstacles. It can be mounted in church towers, houses, on top of office blocks and so on.


PicoPOC Low Power POCSAG Repeater

The PicoPOC Low Power POCSAG Repeater is a small, wall-mountable unit for ensuring indoor coverage continuity for your alerter network. It is ideal for when a crew member encounters difficulty receiving alerts in their own home.


Birdy Slim Lite Pager

Birdy Slim Lite pagers from TPL Systèmes are small, light, rugged, IP67-rated and sensitive pagers for POCSAG networks. With these pagers, you can maximise the effective radius of your alerter system. Learn more below.


Birdy 4G LTE Pager

BIRDY 4G LTE is a modern POCSAG alerter developed by TPL Systèmes for the emergency services market. Learn more at the TPL website by clicking below.


Multitone WP-Fire Pager

The Multitone WP Pager is available in the VHF and UHF paging frequency bands and there are two model types for crystal or synthesised frequency control. The WP-Fire Pager is a rugged and robust pager suitable for the most secure environments. Learn more below.

Multitone WP pager for fire & rescue services

A bespoke solution

Every fire & rescue service is different and each station has a unique catchment area. With our know-how, extensive experience and technology, we will come up with a solution that meets your needs - so get in touch and find out what Multitone can do for you.

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