Appear Crew: Smartphone
Paging For Emergency Services

Appear Crew brings paging to smartphones, complementing the use of radio pagers for call-outs and future-proofing emergency services for the arrival of ESN.

Able to override silent & DND settings on smartphones, as well as the app's off-duty status for the most urgent emergencies, the app is ideal for sending call-out notifications to emergency service workers: particularly volunteers or retained staff. By ensuring multiple methods of call-out delivery, you help ensure rapid mobilisation and minimise risks.

Suitable for:

  • Retained firefighters
  • Lifeboat volunteers
  • Ambulance crews
  • Mountain & inland rescue teams
  • Air ambulance crews
  • Coastguard personnel

Integrates fully

Appear Crew can integrate fully into your existing mobilisation systems, whether they're supplied by Multitone or other providers.

Simple to use

View and acknowledge alerts with just a few taps. The app delivers message receipts and acknowledgement back to the central system automatically.

Secure & reliable

If a message is undelivered, it will be re-sent as soon as the device restores connection to 3/4/5G or WiFi. All messages are AES 256 encrypted.

Part of the Multitone communications ecosystem

Appear Crew can be deployed as a stand-alone system for high-priority communications, but Multitone can offer a comprehensive, integrated solution for all your organisation's communications, improving processes, saving time and saving money. Get in touch with us to learn more about our innovative technologies and bespoke communications solutions.

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