Centralised Alarms

The remote monitoring of unmanned machines & equipment, Building Management Systems, fire & security systems. and simple door access solutions has always been seen as critical in ensuring an efficient, safe and secure organisation.  But how do you ensure these messages get sent to the right person at the right time and are then actioned correctly?

Multitone's solutions allow you to plan and target your communications to the right individual or team, while not worrying about how the connection is made.

  • Target the individual and not the device for intelligent, personalised message delivery
  • Escalate notifications so that the next person or team is notified in the event of no response
  • Resend notifications or send follow up messages to all or a sub-set of recipients
  • Broadcast messages to almost any communications device, including desktop alerts
  • Set up notification templates with predetermined contact lists and pre-defined messages
  • Measure your effectiveness through the system’s robust analytics and reporting

Multitone’s alarms and monitoring can be achieved in a variety of ways, through either the i-Message family or via the P318 & Integrator product.